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Lesson learnt at school

Today when I look back at what I learned during my formidable days of schooling, I see the so called punishments from my beloved teachers as great learning in life.

1. Stand up on the bench - Take a holistic view, look at the big picture

2. Stand with hands up - Aim high, reach higher

3. Stand facing the wall - Introspection

4. Stand outside the class - Learn through observation, take a world view

5. Kneel down - Humility

6. Murga Bano -
Physical endurance

7. Clean the blackboard - Forget and forgive, start with a fresh slate

8. Finger on your lips - boast less

9. Hold your ears - listen more
10. Touch your toes - Be flexible & respect elders 

11. Write down a line 25 times - work towards perfection

12. Detained after school - Dont join the rat exclusive

Jo kutte bhaunkte, Woh katte te nahi

School se ek ladka rote huye Waps aaya...
Mummy: Kya hua beta, tum itna kyu Ro rahe ho ?
Kid: Teacher ne maara mujhe...
Mummy: Kyun, tumne aisa Kya kar diya bete ?
Kid: Mummy wo mere dost ko dhamki de raha tha,
ke kal home work nahi Kiya to accha nahi hoga...
Main bas apne friend ko Ye bola tha, ke tention na
Jo kutte bhonkte hai, wo Katt nahi sakte...

A Punjabi woman to a Doctor

Sometimes, it's a funny situation when someone have little communication power and  he/she tends to mix two or more Languages. This is old School Joke in India, We used to share in our Communication Skills lecture.

A punjabi woman in London talking in English to a Dr about her sick child

"My kaka is ill ek week da.
Na eat da, na sleep da ,
bas weep da te cheek da,
nale nak v leak da.....!!

Late Arrival Reason by Pappu

English Sir- Pappu you are late..!
Pappu- Sir meri car...
Sir- Pappu speak in English,
Pappu- My car was fussing in the
No hilling,
No dolling,
Only po po karing...

Student's Ultimate Question

1 stone is enough 2 break a glass!
1 sentence is enough 2 break a heart!
1 second is enough 2 fall in love!
But why the hell 1 chapter is not enough to pass in exam????

Magical Maths

Magic of Math !


Juda Hoke Bhi Tu Mujhme Kahin Baki Hai

Kaalu: Agar Toilet Ja Ke Aane Ke Bad Dubara
Jane Ki Zarurat Pade Toh Tu Konsa Gaana
Mataalu: Juda Hoke Bhi Tu Mujhme Kahin Baki

Commerce Students are not Sad After Love Breakup

Commerce Students are not Sad After Love Breakup.



They keep 1 Boy/Girl Friend as Reserve for Doubtful Debts.!!

Studying Philosophy

"If U Do Regular Study,

It Means U D0n't Have Confidence In Urself.

Study At Last Moment & Show Ur Confidence.

Story of Mathematician

A guy is travelling in a deluxe car in the desert. He wants to take bath but he has no soap and there is no water.

What does he do?


He will integrate his 'd(lux)' car to get 'lux + c'. Using the lux soap he will bath in the 'c'. (c=sea)
Can u murder maths more than this.....

Me to my Heart

I asked my Heart :
Why can't I Sleep at Night.?
My Heart told me :
Because you have already Slept in
the Afternoon.
Don't act like you are in Love ! :D

Principal Advice

Principal 2 Students:
U People Must Sleep Atleast 7 Hours A Day.
Impossible Sir..!! :O
School is only For 6hrs ..!!! ;-

Sabse jyada gussa kab ata hai??

Sabse jyada gussa kb ata hai??
Jab apka teacher bole ki mai kal class test luga
aur nxt day jab wo test lena bhøol jaye
Aur class ka koi parhako baccha bol de
Sir !! Aaj test nahi len ge kya ?? :P


Santa radio thik karwane gya.
Mechanic ne dekh k kha: Ye thik hai,Mausam kharab hai,
Isliye nhi chal rha.

Santa:Le 100rs,Mausam naya daal de.

3 Companies are after me

Me- I need Salary Increment.3 other companies r after Me.
Boss - Really ?? Which 3 ??
Me - Electricity ,Telephone n Credit Card..


Policeman saw a class 12 science student crying...:-(

Policeman: what is the matter boy.?

Boy: "matter is anything that occupies space and haS mass

School faces

Monday :(

Tuesday :/

Wednesday :|

Thursday :)

Friday :D

Saturday ^.^

Sunday -_-

Brilliant Question with Brilliant Answer by Students

Answers of a Brilliant student who obtained 0%
Q. In wich battle did Tipu Sultan die?
A. His last battle.
Q. Where was the Declaration of Independance Signed?
A. At the Bottom of the Page.
Q. Ganga flows in which state?
A. Liquid.
Q. Whats the main reason for Divorce?
A. Marriage.
Q. Whats the main reason for Failure?
A. Examinations.
Did the student Answer Anything Wrong???

School vs College

A Big Difference

Between School & College:
In School If You Were Late,

You Have To Sit On Last Bench..
But In Collage If You Were Late,

You Have To Sit On First Bench..

What Is Education..?

Education is a process of wasting half of our life to learn how to waste remaining half of our life.