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True Friends

In a battle,
a soldier prepared 2 bring his wounded frnd bck
4m d field.

His Captian said,

" Its of No use! ur frnd must b dead".

Bt soldier still goes & brings bck his friend.

Seeing d dead body, Captain says
"I told u its of no worth. He's dead".

The soldier replies

"No sir, it was really of worth.

When I got to him,
my friend saw me, smiled & said his last words.

" I KNEW U'll COME". .

Dedicated 2 frds whom i never want 2 lose!


Aya tha Meri Kabar Pe diya jalane k liye

Aya tha Meri Kabar pe diya jalane k liye

Rakha hua PHOOL bhi le Gaya, Apni LOVER ko Manane k liye

Strongest Love

Longest Love Is Mothers Love....
Shortest Love Is Others Love....
Sweetest Loves Is Lovers Love...
But Strongest Love Is Friends Love...

Happy Friendship Day

Mushkil mein hi toh Pehchan hoti hein

Sachi Dosti bezaban hoti hai,
Ye to ankhon se bayan hoti hai,
Dosti may mushkil milay to kia hua,
Mushkil may hi to apno or parayon ki pehchaan hoti hai.