Never Give Up - Inspirational Short Story

Many a Times, We don't even try to Understand the Problem and Give up on the Perception of the Complexity of the Problem, Mainly caused due to the Dilemma rised due to Social, economical and other Issues. Read the Story of a Girl who realized the Power of facing the Problem and saved her father from Huge Debt.

The Internet Family

A man from UP is introducing his family:

1. Ee hai hamaar biwi..... Google Raani... Ek sawal poocho toh 10 jawab deti hai...!!!

2. Ee hai hamaar bitwa.... Facebook Kumar... Ghar ki baat sare colony tak pahuchata hai...!!!

3. Ee hai hamaar bitiya .... Twitter Kumari... Poori colony isko folow karti hai...!!!

4. Ee hai hamaar ammaji.. Whatsapp mata- pura din bud bud karti rehti hai..!

5. Aur hum, Orkut Kumar... Hamka koi puchhta hi nahi...!!!

Jara Maachis Dena - Pappu Jokes

Ek baar Pappu dukan ja ke
dukandar se kaha:"
jara machhis dena...
Dukandar ne lighter utha ke
Pappu gussey mein dukandar ko
ek jor ka
thapad lagaya aur bola:
''Pagal saaley, lighter se
koi kaan khujata hai

The Ugly Duckling, Be yourself and Like Minded will find you - Inspirational Story

Many of us remains in Low Esteem, Unhappy, Because we think we are the Misfits in this World. Despite feature loaded with Talents and Skills, We are not able to make Place in this World. Why? Because We deserve better World.

Read this Story of Ugly Duckling, Who actually destined to Swim with the Ambitions and Victory and How he finds the company of Like Minded.

Why We need Teacher/Master to Successful in Life - Moral Short Story

Once a Sufi master was dying. He was worried about how his three disciples would find a new master. If he said, “go to such and such” it would have been easy but he wanted them to find a new master themselves. He believed that when you find something yourself, it has immense value.

Charge up your Self - Short Stories

Now a day, Everyone want to be Successful and everybody knows that "there is no Alternative to Hardwork", and most of you are ready to do the Hardwork but are you putting up your efforts Smartly.
Read the Story of Young Wood Cutter and Old Experienced Folks:

Once there were a group of man – a young hot-blooded guy and a big number of old folks, doing timber job in a jungle (i.e. chopping down trees).

This young chap is very hard working. He always continues to work through his break time and complains that those old folks were wasting time, having to break few times a day to drink and chat.

Santa ki Suicide na karne ki Speech - Santa Banta Jokes

Santa 'suicide' nhi karne ki speech de raha tha.
"Suicide nhi
karna chahiye.
Suicide darpok, bujhdhil,
kaayar log karte hai...
Suicide karne
se toh acha hai ki aap
zeher kha lo..."