Yeh dil kuchch or samjha

Wo Jazbon Ki Tijaret Thi Ye Dil Kuch Or Smjha Tha
Usay Hansane Ki Adat Thi Ye Dil Kuch Or Smjha Tha
Mujhe Us Ne Kaha K Aoo Nai Duniya Basata Hain
Usay Sooji Shararat Thi Ye Dil Kuch Or Smjha Tha
Humesha Us Ki Aankhon Main Dhanak Se Rang Hote Thay
Yeh Us Ki Aam Halet Thi Ye Dil Kuch Aur Smjah Tha
Wo Mere Pas Baithe Dair Tak Ghazlain Meri Sunta
Usay Khud Se Mohabat Thi Ye Dil Kuch Aur Smjha Tha
Mere Kandhay Pe Ser Rakh Kar Kahin Jo Kho Gayae They
Wo Ik Waqti Inayat Thi Yeh Dil Kuch Or Smjha Tha
Mujhe Wo Daikh Kar Aksar Nigahain Phair Lete They
Ye Der Perda Hakarat Ti Ye Dil Kuch Aur Samjah Tha

The Yellow Duck

A kindergarten teacher handed out a coloring page to her class.
On it was a picture of a duck holding an umbrella. The teacher told her class to color the duck in yellow and the umbrella green, however, Johnny, the class rebel, colored the duck in a bright fire truck red.
After seeing this, the teacher asked him, "Johnny, how many times have you seen a red duck?"
Young Johnny replied with, "The same number of times I've seen a duck holding an umbrella."

Ek kaam tha bhai

Dost : Bhai kaisa hai?
Me : Mast hu.. tu bata?
Dost : Main bhi mast.. Yaar ek kaam tha..! ��
Me : Haan toh saare kaam karle, phir baat karte hai....
Ok bye

Viber user karti ho kya

Boy: Viber use krti ho..??

Girl: ufff! Ye un-educated ladke bhi na !!
Dear Viber nhi Viper hota hai.. Or main kabhi kabhi use karti hun jb paani Jyada ho warna pocha hi lagaati hun.. .

BOY: hahahahahahahahaha . Bus kr pagli Rulayegi kyaa

Blind v/s Frustrated Engineer

A frustrated software engineer in church shouts, "Why always me, God,why?".
A blind person just beside him assertively says, "Thank you God."
Engineer - "Why do you thank him, he made you blind, you can't see, any beautiful thing in life"
Blind person - "Can you? "

How to be Polite?

CRY versus TRY

'CRY' and 'TRY' have only one letter's difference in spelling.
But a lot in meaning.
'CRY' collapses our confidence and
'TRY' builds our confidence