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Raat ki neend

Muqadar main raat ki nend nahi to kya hua…
Hum bhi muqadr ko dhoka de kar din ko so jatay hain..

(‘,’)/ Oh my God
_/ \_

Expectation Always Hurts A lot

Shakespear Said :-
"I always fell happy" u know why..?Becoz I don't Expect anything From Any1...!!!Expectation Always Hurts A lot...

Everyone knows Something

A Excellent Thought About Life -
Listen to Everyone Learn from Everyone
Because Nobody knows Everything
but Everyone knows Something..

Strongest Love

Longest Love Is Mothers Love....
Shortest Love Is Others Love....
Sweetest Loves Is Lovers Love...
But Strongest Love Is Friends Love...

Happy Friendship Day

Cute style of proposing.

Cute style of proposing.
Boy: can i take a photo?
Girl: why?
Boy:just wanted to show my children, How their mom looked when she was younger

What is Forgiveness?

"it is the wonderful fruit that a tree gives when it is
being hurt by a stone"

World can't put you Down

All d water of sea can't sink a ship unless it gets inside d ship..
similarly negativity of world can't put U down unless U allow it to get inside U...

who is Active & Laziest person in the world

The Most Active Person In The World..
The One Who Invented Alarm
The Laziest Person In The World..
The One Who Invented Snooze In Alarm

Think Positive, Be Positive

An Arrow can be shot only by pulling it back.
so, when Life is dragging you back with difficulties,
it means it's going to Launch you into something great.

Think Positive.

Attitude makes the Difference

In rain all birds find shelter but
EAGLE avoids rain by flying above the cloud
problem is common
ATTITUDE makes the difference..

Mushkil mein hi toh Pehchan hoti hein

Sachi Dosti bezaban hoti hai,
Ye to ankhon se bayan hoti hai,
Dosti may mushkil milay to kia hua,
Mushkil may hi to apno or parayon ki pehchaan hoti hai.

Sorry don't Work everytime

Sorry works when mistake is made.

but sorry does not work when trust is broken
So in life do mistakes but never break the trust...

Victory vs History

One who wins without any problem gets victory;
but one who wins facing a lots of problem creats History,

A Cute Love Story

Cute love story;
Heart: I Love YOU;
Eye: why?
Heart: bcoz my beats depends on the Beauty you Watch.
Eyes: I Love you too
Heart: Why? Eyes: bcoz when I watch beauty;
you give the feelings for it

Rules of Success

Rules of success :
"Always consult a girl before doing any important work in ur life...
Do exactly opposite 2 her advice..."

Who let the dog out

I saw u on road today;u were lukin so fine,
ur face so divine,
ur walk so perfect.
my heart started singing a sweet song.


Keep Smiling

Jab 5 Second Ki Muskaan Se photo Achchhi Aa Sakti He To

Hamesha Muskarane Se Zindgi Achchhi Kyon Nahi Ho Sakti H?


I.Q. Test

Char zero ek saat likho
0000 aise likha?

Correct Ans "4017"
Ghar walo ne kitni umeedo se padhaya, sab pani me gya..

Kar apne ko Kanjoos Itna

Khood ko kar kanjoos itna ki ....

har sms bhejhne se pahale ....
Service center wale khud call kar ke puche...
Beta sach mai is sms ko aage bhejna hai ya
Galti se Sent ho gaya!

Kanjoos read SMS

pani me tairna machali ka style,
hawa me udna machli ka style,
diffrent msg bhejna apun ka style,
muft me msg padhna aapka style,

pado pado kanjus.