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Happy Dussehra

Aaj Khuda ki shararat samajh aayi,
Is dharti pe aapki hukumat samajh aayi,
Aapko dharti pe bhejna uska bahana tha.....
Ravan ke baad kisiko ko aana tha

Happy Dussehra

Chalne wale Pairo mein kitna fark hein : Words on Hope

Chalnewale dono pairo me kitna fark hai...

Ek aagey toh Ek pichche ...
Par Naa to aage wale ko Abhiman hai or Na piche wale ko Apman...

kyunki unhe pata hai ki pal bhar me ye badalne wala hai...
isko zindagi kahte hai..

Moral : Never take compliments to your Head and Insults to your Heart . Both are Dangerous as Success and Failure never remains Constant

Lines to Remember in Life : Management Tricks

Everybody in this Dangerous world is fed up from Greedy Peoples,Cheap Politics and Unfair Competition but we have compiled a list of Things that you should take care of to achieve Success in Life/Protect yourself.

1) Never Share Your Secrets with Anyone: This can be Self-Destructive, Perhaps the most Important Advice in Life.

2) Never Tell Your Problems to Anyone: 20% will not Care & 80% will be Glad that you have them.

3) Life is similar to Boxing Game:
Defeat is not Declared when you Fall Down; It is Declared when you Refuse to Get Up.

4) WRONG PERSONS teach the RIGHT LESSONS in Life,That is called LIFE EXPERIENCE.

How to Save Electricity in India?

More Than 45%
Of Electricity
Will Be Saved In India...

If The Saas-Bahu Nautanki Serials
Are Banned.

Different ages : How mothers understand their Sons?

This is a Funny Hindi English joke that tells how parents understand their children before they say anything.If you are expecting a  Guide or Good Article, "Sorry this is a Humor Website"

5 years old boy :-
I Love u Mom.

Mom :-
Awww !
I Love u Too..
16 years Old Boy :-
I Love u Mom.

Mom :-
Sorry !
I Have No Money...

101 ways to do suicide in Ironic and Creative Manner

After being afraid of  Study, Un-Employment, or being cheated in Love, or Bollywood Movies like "Aashique 2",  Many people want to Commit a Suicide , but dont know "How to do that in an interesting Manner?".

This is the List of 101 ways of Whacky and Funny Ideas one may suicide.

Disclaimer: Through this post we want to tell that "Suicide or Running away is not the Solution of the Problems". Best way to solve the Problem is to Face them,

Facts about Sachin Tendulkar

1. Named after legendary music director Sachin Dev Burman by his father.

2. Grew his hair and tied a band around it to copy his idol JohnMcEnroe.Was called McEnroe by his friends. Admires BorisBecker, PeteSampras and DiegoMaradona.

3. Wanted to be a tearing fast bowler and even went to the MRF Pace Academy but head coach DennisLillee asked him to concentrate on his batting.

4. Has scored big runs on Indian festivals like Gokulashtmi, RakshaBandhan, Holi and Diwali.

Funny Marriage Proposal from Times of India

This is an actual letter taken from the Times of India in response to a `Marriage Proposal’ advertisement.

Madam, I am one young gentleman living only with myself in Patna . I am seeing ur advertisement for marriage purpose in the daily newspaper. So I decide to press myself on u and I am hopping you will make the marriage with me.

Power Cut V/s New Born Baby

New Born Baby Slowly Opens It's Tiny Eyes
and Asks Nurse :

Bahut Garmi Hai,
Fan kyuin chalu nahi hai..


NURSE : Power Cut !


BABY : iski maa ki...
Lagta hai Phir se India mein paida ho gaya...

Kanjus Pappu Joke #2

Pappu ko bhoot chadh gaya ,

3 din baad bhoot khud ek ojha ke paas gaya aur bola,

Ojha sahab mujhe bahar nikalo..!

Warna main to bhookha hi mar jaoonga

Love hidden in Fights

It really Happens when we Fight with Loved Ones , (not important that they can be only Girl Friend / Boy Friend) , they could be Brother , Sister , Father , Mother and Friends.. We Really want to Patch up again.

Happy Mothers Day