JokeandSMS.com is established in City Beautiful Chandigarh in Year 2009 to help the Fellow Students, Businessmen, Professionals esp. Engineers from Workload and Tension. At Joke and SMS we believe that if a Person get rid of his bad mood, anger or Bad thoughts after visiting our Laughter Portal or if made them   laugh Daily for an instance then we have done our Job.

JokeandSMS.com is Non-Profit Website Nourish on Mouth to Mouth, People to People Promotions and our sole motive is to spread Laughter though in a Clean Manner.

Our Policies:
  • We never share a Crude Jokes that may hurt somebody's Feeling and Sentiments
  • We never post a Joke based on Religion, Race and Ethnicity .
  • We have strong No tolerance Policies against Spamming,abusing,Insulting, If anybody found out to be Spamming,Insulting or Abusing on Our portal we reserved right to Ban the Person from our Portal.
  • We want to make JokeandSMS.com Family Friendly website from the Beginning that's why we have n't shared any 18+, Double Meaning  Jokes , Adult Jokes on our Website  and Please don't expect that we will share them.
 Over the Past 4 years, we have crossed many milestones and face many challenges and we think there are still many yet to come.

What you can do to help us?
As we have stated earlier that We are Non Profit and Independent entity.  We don't depend upon Donations and Funds .

You can do the following
  • Help us spread by sharing word about us.
  • Send us Jokes at our Facebook Fan Page or at Google +
  • Invite your Friends to our Website