Cigggerate in Hell

Once upon a time three persons died on same day.One was Hindu,another was Christan and third was Sardarji.

Yamraaj(St Peter) was facing problem so as to decide whether they should be sent to haeven or hell. Finally yamraajji decided to ask one question from each of them and then send them accordingly.

Yamraaj asked from each of them if everybody got one chance to get their wish fulfilled then What would be their Wishes

1. Hindu Guy: Yamraaj I have never tasted meat so I wanna taste it, Yamraajji gives him meat and sends him to hell (one is not supposed to eat non-veg at least after he is dead)

2. Christian Guy: Just one more bottle of Wine, Yamraaj arranges a bottle of wine and sends them to hell. (Wine is vice)

3. Sardarji:Yamraaj I have never smoked a ciggerate So I wanna smoke it, So Sardaarji was also provided with ciggerate and sent to hell.(smoking is vice).

After ten years the same three persons were called so as to had look at their condition.

1. Hindu entered in the hall with great health and strong musceles.(Since he consumed meat for ten years.)

2. Christian was not in his senses,coming with a bottle of wine in his hands swanging here and there.

3. Sardarji was the same person as he was ten years back.Approaching to yamraaj in a fits of anger and gave a tight slap on yamraaj's cheek and shouted: Ciggerate to de ditti, maachis tera pyon dega (u provided me with ciggerate but what about matchsticks).